Guided Experiences


Guided Experiences 

Personal Weekend & Day Tours

Eric Ebinger has been chasing presidents since the age of eleven. He has been traveling extensively since the age of eight. Forty states, seven countries and over fifty nights in Washington DC alone, Eric is the consummate traveler (on a strict budget.)

In groups of six, Eric will create an exclusive itinerary tailored to a number of presidential topics. You choose your adventure-Eric will handle everything else, including thoughtful lectures and personal tours that will eliminate the hassle of traveling and allow guests to focus on the thrill of walking in the footsteps of our presidents.


Weekend Tours

Colonial Virginia- The Land of George Washington
Washington DC- The Lincoln Sites
Central Virginia- The Neighbors: Jefferson, Madison, and Monroe
New England- The Adams and Kennedys
New York City- The Roosevelt’s
Southwestern Pennsylvania- Chasing the Young George Washington
Cincinnati and Indianapolis- The Harrisons

Each weekend tour begins at 6pm on Friday evening and concludes at 12pm Sunday afternoon. Travelers are responsible for getting to the host hotel but reasonable assistance will be available. Saturday evenings will be on your own with a selection of fun activities to choose from or enjoy a night alone.

Single Day Tours

The James Garfield Day
The Rutherford Hayes Day
The Warren Harding Day
The William Howard Taft Day*
The William McKinley Day*

*Departure and return times will change.

Day Tours depart from Ashland, Ohio.

Each Day Tour begins at 9am and finishes at 6pm with the exception of the Taft and McKinley tours due to the distance, but will still be completed in one day.